Prices *  1.1.24

*Each teacher works independently in the studio, so you pay the teacher directly when you visit.  It is possible to buy a single entry or a subscription from your teacher. No pre-registration is required for the courses (except for "specials" which are advertised with registration).

Einzeleintritt / Drop In*

( Studio & Online Teilnahme )



60min Yoga&Pilates

CHF 22 / Studenten&IV CHF 18 


75min Yoga&Pilates

CHF 27 / Studenten&IV CHF 22 


90min Yoga&Pilates

CHF 33 / Studenten&IV CHF 28 




*Single entries can be paid directly to the teacher by Twint or cash. Online participation via Twint or bank transfer.


Please arrange directly with the teacher. 

All subscriptions are limited to the teacher where the subscription was purchased. No other courses can be attended with other teachers. Exception is the flat rate of Unl. Abo Halter for 15.- chf.


**See below.


Anjali Abos

( Studio & Online Teilnahme )


3er Abo Gültig 2 Monate*

CHF 45.-

*Für Neukunden - 3x 60min  ( Yoga & Pilates )

Einmal erhältlich ab der ersten Teilnahme für Stunden beim gewünschten Lehrer.


10ner Abo Gültig 6 Monate

CHF 220.- / Studenten&IV CHF 170.-



Unlimitierte Monates Abos und Jahres Abo


Unl. 1 Monats Abo

CHF 220.- / Studenten&IV CHF 180.-


Unl. 3 Monats Abo

CHF 540.- / Studenten&IV 460.-


Unl. 6 Monats Abo

CHF  870.-  / Studenten&IV  720.-


1 Jahres Abo

CHF  1500.-  / Studenten&IV  1250.-



**Flat-rate prices for non-local subscription holders


The studio offers a flat rate for Unl. subscription holders for visits to other teachers / classes than the subscription was redeemed.

The flat rate is 15.- chf for all courses regardless of the length of the course. This applies to 1st / 3rd / 6th month or annual subscription. This flat rate does not apply to special workshops.  



 ONLINE Abo - Unlimitiert 1 Monat

( Nur Online Teilnahme )

CHF 180.-




How does a visit to the Anjali Studio work?


  • All classes can be attended WITHOUT PRE-registration. Just drop by!
  • You pay each time you visit, you are not obliged to buy a subscription.
  • Subscriptions are available on request: 10-lesson subscription or unlimited monthly subscription. You can buy them directly at the studio. You can pay in cash or by card (from an amount of 40.-). We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Postcard.
  • If you want to try yoga or Pilates for the first time, please come to the studio 10 minutes before the class and we will show you everything.
  • You only need to bring your sports clothes, all other equipment (mats, blocks etc.) are available in the studio




The 10-pack subscriptions


can be adjusted and extended in the event of illness, accident or pregnancy on presentation of a medical certificate. This absence must be communicated immediately in writing. Subsequent extensions are not possible!


 The monthly subscriptions


can be extended once by the advertised duration due to vacations or absences for professional reasons, if this absence is communicated in writing in advance. Subsequent extensions are not possible. In the event of illness, accident or pregnancy, the duration of all subscriptions can be adjusted accordingly on presentation of a medical certificate.


This absence must be communicated immediately in writing. Subsequent extensions are not possible!



ONLINE monthly subscription


Subscription is valid for one person and only for participation in the online offer via live stream. In the event of illness, accident or pregnancy, the subscription can be extended by this period on presentation of a medical certificate.This absence must be communicated immediately in writing.Subsequent extensions are not possible!Discounts ( pupils, students, AHV/IV )We recognize persons who can show us a valid ID as pupils, students and AHV/IV beneficiaries.


These are officially recognized student IDs ( elementary school ) and student or AHV/IV IDs ( Legi ).


We do not recognize part-time vocational training. 


Health insurance reimbursement


The Anjali Studio is not on the list of recognized studios in Basel. However, you can use the form to declare your expenses at the studio,


Depending on the health insurance company, an amount will be reimbursed. 


Download Formular 



(Fill in and send directly to the KK, not forgetting the name and date.)




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