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Armbalance Workshop 

Sunday 25. August 2024 

11:00 - 12:30 Uhr with Savina



Join us for an invigorating Arm Balance Workshop at Anjali Studio Basel, where you'll discover the art of defying gravity through yoga. This specialized session is designed to help you build strength, improve balance, and boost confidence in your practice.


During this workshop, you'll explore various arm balances, from foundational poses to more advanced variations. Savina will guide you through:


  • Proper alignment and technique for safe practice
  • Key muscle engagement for stability and control
  • Effective warm-up sequences to prepare your body
  • Tips and tricks to overcome common challenges
  • Modifications for different skill levels


Whether you're new to arm balances or looking to refine your existing practice, this workshop offers a supportive environment to grow and challenge yourself. You'll learn to cultivate the focus, strength, and body awareness needed to master these empowering poses.


Located in the heart of Basel at Spalenvorstadt 11, Anjali Studio provides a spacious and welcoming atmosphere for your yoga journey. Our team of certified instructors is dedicated to supporting both beginners and advanced practitioners in their personal growth.


Pre-registration is required for this workshop, so feel free to book with us online or in the Studio.

Come ready to explore, play, and discover new possibilities in your practice. The Anjali team looks forward to welcoming you to this exciting arm balance adventure!


Armbalance Workshop, Sonntag 25. August 2024 11:00 - 12:30 Uhr

CHF 40.00

  • Available




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