The Elements in Motion

Weekend Yoga Workshop with Andrew Mournehis


Friday, 20. September - Sunday, 22. September 2019

5 Elements - 5 Sessions


From the Physical… To the Creative Flow…To the Fire of our Passion…To the Breath of our Life and Love…

and to the Spacious Realm within that speaks the TRUTH and LANGUAGE  of the Soul.


From as Far back as the Vedic teachings and the period which preceded them, over 8000 years ago, the Ancient Yogis communed with Nature and the Elemental realm recognising that what was outside in the macrocosm held an inner wisdom which informed the Microcosm within. 

Come Dive deep within on this powerful weekend to access this infinite creative power and life energy within us. Strengthen your connection to the Source of Origin and to your own essence of your Heart. Through movement with the elements, asana, pranayama and the Divine, may we embrace this unified oneness with our true Nature…and throughout the weekend i will weave in some of the philosophies related to the Deities connected to each of the elements. 


Session 1:


Friday, 20. Sept 2019 / 6pm-9pm

Element of Earth

Constancy, Discipline, Steadfastness

YOGA - Grounding Standing poses, Hip openers and Twisting Forward bends


A grounding yoga class of Constancy, Discipline, Steadfastness…Immerse yourself in Dive into the Sacred Ground/ Sacred Contract with The Divine and begin to arrive properly with this first workshop. Perceive what is and where you are standing right now and so lay a foundation for all the other elements.


Session 2:


Saturday, 21. Sept 2019 / 10am-1pm

Element of Water

Fluidity, Creativity, Polarity 

YOGA -Fluid Hip openers/ Back Bends and Flow


A flowing yoga Dance of Masculine and Feminine, Light and Shadow, Creation and Destruction…breaking through old habits, patterns, addictions and destructive behaviours that keep us stuck and finding ways of liberating ourselves into our greatest creative potential.



Saturday, 21. Sept 2019 / 3pm-6pm

Element of Fire

Passion, Personal Power, Courage

YOGA -Dynamic Salutations, Core strengthening, Twists, Arm Balances, Enlivening Pranayamas and Kriyas 


A dynamic class of empowering poses and sequences of the warrior within, teaching us that we are never given anything that we cant handle and how to meet each challenge with Grace, Lightness, Consciousness and Luminosity…intend to leave this class GLOWING!


Session 4: “THE BREATH OF LIFE and LOVE”

Sunday, 22. Sept 2019 / 10am-1pm

Element Of Air

Love, Kindness, Compassion 

YOGA -Pranayamas, Heart openers , Standing Balances, Arm Balances and Inversions


A class designed to fill our pranic cup and Field, before diving deep into our hearts where we can find our deepest love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy and kindness towards humanity. This is the element that automatically shifts our consciousness from “ME” to “WE”…the entry point to the Higher realms where we extend our love toward the Greater Good , Humanity and our Dharmic Purpose…a Dance with the Divine Love within us 



Sunday, 22. Sept 2019 / 3pm-6pm

Element of Space/Ether

Truth, Deep Intuitive Listening, Creative Expression

YOGA -Inversions, Forward Folds, Intuitive Asana Flow, The Power of Mantra, Music, Sound, Deep Relaxation, Yoga Nidra


This final session will open the gateway to the Divine , allowing us access to our Intuitive expression, Listening to our Intuitive Voice, Our inner teacher and the Guidance it has to offer us as we step out into the world …finding the space in our lives to set us free 

By creating Space …we Create Freedom…we Live our Truth …we deepen our Love…and LIVE OUR BLISS…an experience not to be missed!



About Andrew

Living in Melbourne, Australia, Andrew travels the world to share the practice of yoga all over the globe.

Coming from a diverse and eclectic Yoga background, Andrew teaches a combination of Hatha, Bhakti and Tantra Yoga. His Creative, Joyful and Heart-filled teaching strengthens the body, soothes and clears the mind, whilst enlivening and enriching the Spirit through both Postural and Universal Alignment. His unique teaching style is imbued with Heart and Soul, rich in Tantric Philosophy and his classes are filled with Inspiration, Storytelling, Mantra and the Spirit of the Divine. 

Andrew has spent almost 20 years facilitating many healing groups, workshops, intensives and retreats both nationally and internationally working with the healing potential of both Yoga, Movement and Transpersonal Modalities. He brings to his work over 16 years of experience in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy Techniques, 19 years of Yoga Teaching and over 25 Years experience in the Creative Arts Fields, as a dancer, choreographer and movement stylist.

Prices & Registration




1 Session            

75.- Chf


3 Sessions        

200.- Chf


5 Sessions     

Full Weekend  

300.- Ch




1 Session            

70.- Chf


3 Sessions        

180.- Chf


5 Sessions     

Full Weekend  

270.- Ch

Elements in Motion - Weekend Workshop with Andrew Mournehis

Sessions - Please specify the desired element

CHF 75.00

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