Anjali Studio Challenge

Start 31. Januar 2022 - 28. Februar 2022


Welcome to the first Anjali Studio Challenge "February" 2022. 

As much Yoga & Pilates as you can handle - for 30 days.

Are you about to join others in this challenge? 

Whether you're a diligent Anjali Studio visitor or want to come for the very first time. This challenge is for EVERYONE!


How does it work?


Get your Challenge subscription for only 150 CHF. 

Starting Monday, January 31 and ending Monday, February 28, 2022, the goal is to attend as many Yoga & Pilates classes as you can. You will collect a stamp on your challenge card every time you attend a class. Whether you participate online or in the studio.

All of our classes are always streamed live online.

With each stamp your Anjali Studio Challenge card fills up.

The goal is to collect as many yoga animals as possible on your card.

Will you make it to the lotus flower? 

Every week, in this challenge, the Anjali team will surprise you with a new theme.



What can I win?

The more yoga animals you collect, the fuller your "Anjali Goodie Bag" - which you will receive after the Challenge.

If you manage to complete 15 hours, or even more, you will also participate in the challenge raffle.

The main prize is an Unl. month subscription!


You have never been to our studio?

No problem, you get your subscription and we get to know each other in the Challenge in the studio. We are looking forward to meeting you!


You don't want to participate alone?

Yes, all the better! If you take a buddy with you, it's 10% for bring a friend! Your Challenge subscription costs only 135.- !

After the purchase the discount will be credited to your account.


You already have a subscription with Anjali? 

No problem, your subscription will be stopped at the start of the Challenge and will continue afterwards.


Can I join later?

Yes you can. Just note the end date of February 28, 2022, so starting too late can be a hurdle!


How do I participate?

Get your Challenge subscription directly here in the online store and pay by card or prepayment.  

It will be ready for you at the desk on January 31. You can't come to the studio?

No problem, we will send you your subscription directly by email.


Anjali Studio Challenge 2022 - START 31. Januar 2022 - ENDE 28.Feburar 2022

CHF 150.00

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